peace [ pis ] noun ***
1. ) uncount a situation in which there is no war between countries or groups:
peace in: For many years the agreement maintained peace in Europe.
peace between: The Camp David agreement brought peace between Israel and Egypt.
peace with: Peace with Russia enabled German forces to fight in the west.
a lasting peace: the possibility of a lasting peace in the Balkans
make peace (with someone): The UN Secretary General urged the two sides to make peace.
a ) singular an agreement to end a war:
Fortunately, a peace satisfactory to both countries was soon negotiated.
b ) only before noun relating to, or intended to bring or preserve peace:
a peace agreement/conference
peace moves/talks/negotiations
2. ) uncount a situation in which people are pleasant and do not cause trouble:
There won't be any peace until he gets what he wants.
3. ) uncount a calm quiet situation in which you are not annoyed by noise or other people:
Can't I get a moment's peace around here?
peace and quiet/tranquility: It's not the vacation to choose if you're looking for peace and quiet.
disturb/shatter someone's peace: A motorcycle roared by, shattering their peace.
in peace: He just wanted to read his newspaper in peace.
You should leave the poor man in peace (=stay away from him).
4. ) uncount a state when you are calm and have no worries:
Buddhism teaches you how to achieve inner peace.
peace of mind: With this type of insurance, you're buying peace of mind.
a breach/disturbance of the peace LEGAL
noisy or violent behavior in public:
Sam was charged with causing a breach of the peace.
at peace
1. ) not fighting a war
2. ) used for saying that someone is dead and therefore has no more worries
3. ) if you are at peace you do not feel angry, unhappy, etc.:
at peace with: At 70, she was at peace with herself and the world.
come in peace
to arrive somewhere with friendly intentions
hold your peace FORMAL
to avoid an argument by remaining silent
keep the peace
1. ) to avoid or prevent an argument:
It was my job to keep the peace between my younger sisters.
2. ) LEGAL to avoid or prevent noisy or violent behavior in public
make (your) peace (with someone)
to end an argument with someone and stop feeling angry toward them:
It's time he made his peace with his family.
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Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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